When in Rome…

So this post is a little late because I have been catching up on the sleep I didn’t get this past weekend in the gorgeous ROMA!! It has always been my dream to visit Italy and Rome and this weekend definitely lived up to that dream. While I found most people completely rude, and the neighborhood our hostel was in was not as pretty as pictures, the tourism sites are every bit as beautiful, or more beautiful, as you can imagine. 

Thursday night, I spent the night with Abby because we would wake up at 3:30 the next morning…so we decided to find Domino’s Pizza! Unfortunately, we discovered that we were about to walk 12 whole blocks to get there, but we were determined. And even though it was not exactly the same as back home, it was pretty darn good and completely worth the hour-long walk.

Friday came and we had great luck in that the taxi driver we met the first week showed up to pick us up and take us to the airport! We boarded the plane for a 2 hour ride and finally arrived in Italy. After taking a bus to a main train station named Termini, it was about 10 am and we were hungry, so what did we eat you ask? McDonalds haha!! Then we took the subway to the Vatican City for a guided tour. We were worried at first but soon found out the tour consisting of 5 tourists turned out to be great! The Sistine Chapel is the most breathtaking room I have ever been in. I got chill bumps, but to preserve the paintings, the guards do not allow pictures, so I just have my memory. After the 3 hour tour, we decided it was time for authentic Italian pizza, but little did we know, restaurants in Rome are known for ripping off tourists by offering many different courses and speaking in Italian. Soooo yeah I could have bought a new pair of shoes for the money I spent there. After the discouraging experience, we wandered around the Termini station looking for Wifi or someone to give us directions to our hostel. This is when my poor opinion of Italians began because not a single person would help us in any way. With aching feet after 2 hours of trying to find it, we found Alessandro Palace and Bar and checked in. 

The 6 person all-female room was much nicer than I expected. We made a new friend from Canada who is traveling Europe by herself. We took a nap and had a relaxing night after meeting up with Kelsey and Tayler who arrived in Rome Thursday night.

The next day, Saturday, we woke up early, got a small coffee and croissant, and bought a ticket for a hop-on hop-off bus tour. Our first stop-the Colosseum. This was my absolute favorite part of the entire weekend. Learning about its history fascinated me. (pictures will be on Facebook) Next we took a tour of the Palatine, a hill separating two villages in ancient Rome. Once at the top, the guide explained the different buildings in the Forum of Rome and other buildings in the city. The view was incredible!

After that bus stop, we got pizza for lunch again but it was a much more reasonable price. Next stop was the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. The steps were not very exciting because of the crowd and the vendors (some of which illegal) everywhere. However, when Abby and I reached the Trevi Fountain, it didn’t matter how many people were there. It was gorgeous! We took pictures and traditionally, threw pennies into the fountain. Afterwards we got the biggest ice cream/gelato cone I have ever eaten. It was delicious! We went back to the hostel and I could not keep my eyes open, I was asleep for the rest of the night.

Sunday came and we had seen all of the big sights so we walked by the river and had a very relaxing day. I bought some souvenirs, and ate a delicious plate of ravioli with creamy tomato sauce. Then we boarded the plane and returned to Barcelona. After 2 hours of train and metro rides I returned home.

Now you understand why I needed more sleep. My feet have never hurt so much in all my years of dancing, but I am positive this will be one of the best memories I ever have. Its back to the daily grind and wild crazy 3rd grade boys here in Barcelona. I am doing my best to make it through day by day. It is hard to believe I have less than 2 weeks left here! Even though I have missed home so much, I know when I get back I will be satisfied with this trip and will remember it as a great experience!


3 thoughts on “When in Rome…

  1. Ahhhh! The food in Italy is the best! sooooooo? WHY MCDONALDS! Ha! Americans! I have been to these places and what a blessing to experience them. Your world view is increasing a good deal. You could spend 2 months in Rome and never see it all. The Romans are very rude, just like citizens in any large city (Paris, Chicago, New York, Milan, ….) Love to read your posts.

  2. Mackenzie,

    Good morning! That was an excellent blog entry. Thanks for sharing. Sounds as if your trip to Rome will be very memorable and valuable as you discuss these experiences in your future classrooms. I am glad you took advantage of this travel opportunity.

    Hope you get caught up on your rest this week and enjoy the final few days of student teaching in Barcelona. I look forward to your next blog entry and to seeing you in person in a few days to talk about your experiences.

    Stay safe and best wishes.

    Fred Carter

    Dr. Fred P. Carter
    Director of Teacher Services and School Relations
    Gary Ransdell Hall #2047
    Western Kentucky University
    1906 College Heights Blvd. #61031
    Bowling Green, KY 42101-1031

    “The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to his or her commitment to excellence, regardless of his or her chosen field of endeavor.”

    Vince Lombardi

  3. Ahhhh!!! I’m so jealous! Rome sounds like an amazing place to see! Hang in there! This crazy journey will be over soon and then you will wish you were still there! And when you get back you will have all the time in the world to sleep! Stay up and explore! Keep working hard. I’m so proud of you for taking this experience and making your own journey out of it. You are doing great! Love you.


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