Saturday, in the park…Guell that is!!!

Sorry I haven’t been on in a while, WiFi is getting worse at my flat (apartment) but I have finally found a couple places with unlimited WiFi. So…Saturday we explored Park Guell-a famous park created by Antonio Gaudi. I know you have heard the phrase “pictures don’t do it justice,” but I have never actually been able to say it until now. My homepage picture is taken by a professional, but my pictures came pretty darn close.Once in the park we found men selling jewelry, sunglasses, and other novelties. There were several entertainers including people who looked like statues and plenty of beautiful undiscovered music. One group, The Mananers (look them up on youtube to hear), was jammin to their music and obviously loved what they were doing. Their music put us in a great mood. After watching them, we climbed to the top of the hill where there was a cross figure made of rock that you could climb up to. When at the top of the figure, you can see a 360 view of Barcelona that is absolutely breathtaking. I could have stood up there for hours. By then it was lunch time so we traveled right outside the park for lunch and a pitcher of some fresh, ice-cold, Sangria. It was so refreshing because it’s the only drink that contains ice, and man do I miss ice-cold drinks!

The next day, I woke and ate a small breakfast with my family. They then took me in their car to view the outside of some fantastic sites and gave me a tour of the city. Afterwards, we picked up little Jordi’s friend and got to sit in front row seats at the FC Barcelona basketball game. It was a very different atmosphere but the game was the same so it relaxed me some. 

Later, I met Abby to walk around. We ate some McDonalds (it was expensive) and then walked down the famous/infamous street La Rambla. By night it is filled with prostitution, but by day, tourism. Again there were statue people who I was fascinated with, some tourist junk souvenirs, but at the end of the street was the Port of Barcelona, marked by a monument at least 60 feet tall. There were sailboats docked, an antique market, and beautiful water. As we walked along, we relaxed and enjoyed the Mediterranean Sea. Eventually we came upon the beach and I could feel the salty air on my face. This is my favorite feeling in the world.

Today was another great day at this great school, and now the four of us are sitting across the street, sipping Coca-Cola, and soaking up the WiFi. Although I am very homesick and it is very hard to adapt to this culture, the simple relaxing moments like this are pure bliss. This city is very different but also very gorgeous.

I have all of my pictures posted to Facebook because this site is too slow, so add me as a friend to see them all. There are several gorgeous pictures so I encourage you to look!


Adios from Barcelona!


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