Is this real life?

It is 4 am at home but after a long, tiring, yet interesting flight, I have finally made it to Barcelona. It all feels like one big dream right now. Our coordinator, Kristine, says that’s from the jet lag. After leaving the airport, we took a private bus to a street by the school and then hauled our luggage to the front of the school. People looked at us like we were a different species, but the absolute cutest children walked into the school while we waited to meet our host families. 

My family consists of Eduard, 19, who is at a “university” studying restaurant management, Mariona, 16, with beautiful long hair, Jordi, 7, who had the most excited smile when we met, Jordi, the father, who picked me up, and Mar, the mother, who I have yet to meet.

Jordi Sr. was running late to meet me because a metro/subway route was broken. After meeting, we walked to the metro and attracted many a stare with my multicolored suitcase…and carry on suitcase…and backpack…and purse, pillow, and blanket! Little did I know, the subway is exactly what I pictured it to be. People running everywhere, getting on and getting off, but most of all, it really can knock you over. The locals stared away as Jordi grabbed me while I was falling backwards. What a culture shock that was!

I am now unpacked and laying in my room. My legs are sore, my body is tired, but man life is good! I have my orientation this evening and start teaching precious third grade boys tomorrow!


Adios, amigos!


2 thoughts on “Is this real life?

  1. So glad to hear that you have arrived safely!!! I love reading of your experiences and look forward to experiencing ,albeit second hand, what you experience in Spain! Please know that the lunch crew misses you and looks forward to reading your next blog!

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